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The garage door extension spring is one of the most famous spring system. The stretch spring lifting system has been in existence for such long time now. These springs are usually situated just above the door tracks. They get its lift capacity from being pulled or through stretching whenever the garage door closes. Most of the garage doors are spring based and there is 1 spring in every side of the garage door track. The springs will get its capacity to life from the pulled or stretch every time the door closes.

A lot of garage springs have a cable pulley to make sure that one 1 end of the spring and the other end there will be an anchor where the door tracks will be given support. The cable will run from the door bracket to the top of the door just around the pulley.  It is not really advisable for anyone to change the springs of the door without some well verse in it. It will still be good if you will hire someone from a garage door repair company to help you out with your spring replacement needs. They will be glad to be of help to you and make your garage door working finely once again.